We celebrate the Global Confucius Institute Day, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the 71st Anniversary of the founding of the PRC

Национален празник 570x350Dear friends of the Confucius Institute – Sofia, today together with you and with the help of modern technology we will celebrate three holidays related to China and Chinese culture.
At the end of September, we celebrate the establishment of more than 550 Confucius Institutes worldwide. On the occasion of the birthday of the great thinker Confucius, people from numerous countries working to promote the Chinese language and culture, all friends and admirers of the uniqueness of this ancient civilization, gather together to honor its traditions.
At the same time of the year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated. It is one of the most important in the Chinese calendar and embodies the unity of the family. As the moon is full on this day, so the ancient Chinese people longed for family unity, for gathering around the table of all loved ones and sharing delicious food.
This year has put all people around the world to the test. The Kovid-19 challenge made us stand together, but in a different way, made us share, but also taught us how to be responsible and united in caring for the other, and in striving to cope with difficulties.
On October 1, China celebrates its national holiday. Let us congratulate the Chinese people together, let us overcome the limitations of space and celebrate the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
Our Chinese and Bulgarian teachers have prepared interesting activities, and will show in short videos various aspects of the rich Chinese culture: