Second part of the Chinese language textbook for Bulgarians

„Discover China“ 2 is the second level of the Chinese language course designed for learning the language by Bulgarians. The course is adapted from the original „Discover China“ series of textbooks published by Macmillan and FLTRP. The second part of the textbook builds on the language knowledge and methodological structure of the first part, it includes materials for mastering the necessary grammar and vocabulary, applicable to a wide range of life situations.

The workbook offers opportunities for full practice and consolidation of the language skills taught in the textbook. The various lexical and grammatical exercises, as well as the additional reading and listening activities ensure effective practice of the basic language material presented in the textbook. The subsections for written exercises provide an opportunity to upgrade the skills of writing Chinese characters, acquired through the textbook lessons. The self-assessment sections at the end of each section provide an opportunity to assess the individual progress of the learners and to identify issues that require further negotiation.

The program of the course „Discover China“ 2 is designed to cover Level 2 of the Standardized Chinese language proficiency test HSK (考试 水平 考试 Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), which corresponds to Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.