The Tsar Simeon the Great Secondary School In Vidin - a Teaching Center Under the Confucius Institute In Sofia, Has Organized a China Corner

On 13th May,2024, more than 30 students have participated in the China Corner organized by the Tsar Simeon the Great Secondary School in Vidin which is a teaching center under the Confucius Institute in Sofia.
The event consisted of three parts: introducing the facts, cultural experience and shuttlecock competition. Teachers from the Confucius Institute have briefly introduced the students to the experience program, including the origin and development of the arts of paper-cutting and calligraphy, and the shuttlecock game and its cultural connotation. Afterwards, the cultural experience and the shuttlecock game have been held. The students have been very excited to try the shuttlecock game and they have cheered and applauded with every lift and fall of the shuttlecock.
This is the first time when the Tsar Simeon the Great Secondary School in Vidin has ever organized a China Corner. However, the school authorities have set their mind to continue to explore any interesting activities available that would meet the age characteristics of the students so as to continue to stimulate their students’interest in the Chinese language and culture.

Confucius Institute in Sofia
Text: Wang Ruping
Photos: Wang Ruping
Editors: Prof. Chen Ying, Aksinia Koleva, Chen Chen


tu pian1 shu fa ti yanPicture 1: Calligraphy experience.

tu pian2 jian zhi ti yanPicture 2: Paper-cutting experience.

tu pian3 ti jian zi bi saiPicture 3: Shuttlecock game.