Reciting Chinese Classics: A Student From the Tsar Simeon the Great Secondary School In Vidin - a Teaching Center Under the Confucius Institute In Sofia, Has Been Praised For His Recitation Of a Classical Chinese Poem

On 9th May, 2024, a commencement ceremony has been held at the Tsar Simeon the Great Secondary School in Vidin - a teaching center under the Confucius Institute in Sofia, with the participation of more than 300 teachers, students and parents. Ivan Ivanov Emilov from the Chinese language class has recited the classical Chinese poem Dream Of the Night Of the 20th Day Of the First Moon 1075 by Su Shi. Actually, it has been the first time that a Chinese poem has ever been recited during a large-scale event at the school.
Ivan has been studying Chinese for one year and has shown a strong interest in the classical Chinese poetry. He has prepared his to-be-recited poem two months prior to the event, asking his teacher for advice on the meaning of the poem, the expression of emotions, and the recitation techniques, while practicing repeatedly on his own. Due to his efforts, his recitation on the day of the commencement ceremony has been one with a clear and expressive pronunciation, conveying the sincere feelings of the protagonist and arousing empathy and applause in the audience.
Located in the city of Vidin in northwestern Bulgaria, the Tsar Simeon the Great Secondary School is a popular local public school with nearly 900 students. The Chinese language program has been warmly welcomed by the local students since its start.

Confucius Institute in Sofia
Text: Wang Ruping
Photo: Wang Ruping
Editors: Prof. Chen Ying, Aksinia Koleva
English translation: Maya Kostadinova

tu pian1 xue sheng lang song gu shi ci 3Figure 1: The student reciting the ancient poem.