The Confucius Classroom at the University of Plovdiv Under the Confucius Institute in Sofia Have Successfully Completed Their Junior Chinese Language Programme

On 1st July 2024, the Confucius Classroom at the University of Plovdiv, under the Confucius Institute in Sofia, have held their ceremony for the completion of the Junior Chinese Class in the library of the university. Teachers and students from the Confucius Classroom have participated.
This five-week programme is open to local primary and secondary- school students in Bulgaria. The programme consists of two parts: Basic Chinese Language Level and Traditional Chinese Cultural Experience. The Chinese language lessons include topics such as pinyin, greetings, numbers and time expressions, family members. The Traditional Chinese Cultural Experience includes five topics: Chinese folk songs, calligraphy, paper-cutting, Chinese painting and Five-in-a row chess. The programme has been designed and delivered by the Chinese teacher Ying Wang and the local Chinese teacher Elitsa Milanova, assisted by PhD students Wang Lijun and Yu Haoyang from the Plovdiv Academy of Music and Dance Arts.
It is worth mentioning that the Confucius Classroom at the University of Plovdiv has taken the opportunity to invite for the first time third-year students majoring in Chinese Studies to participate in the whole course and to translate along with the class, which has been counted as a translation practice for their final examination.
This is the second Junior Chinese Language Programme organised by the Confucius Classroom. The programme is open to the public and provides free Chinese language and culture courses for local primary and secondary school students, as well as valuable practice opportunities for our Chinese language students, which are welcomed by the local people.

Contributed by: Confucius Institute Sofia
Text: Wang Ying
Photos: Wang Ying
Editors: Prof.Chen Ying, Aksiniya Koleva, Chen Chen
English translation: Maya Kostadinova



tu pian1 han yu kePicture 1. Chinese language class

tu pian2 guo hua ti yanPicture 2. Chinese painting experience

tu pian3 shu fa ti yanPicture 3. Calligraphy

tu pian4 wu zi qi dui yiPicture 4. Five-in-a-row game