Confucius Institute in Sofia Held Work Summary Meeting for 2021-2022 Academic Year

At 15:00 on July 8, an online work summary meeting for the 2021-2022 academic year was held in the Confucius Institute in Sofia. Aksiniya Koleva, the Bulgarian Director of the Institute, Prof. LIU Xiuming, the Chinese Director, the office secretaries and 10 Chinese teachers attended the meeting.

The work summary meeting was hosted by a Chinese teacher WANG Yang, who was about to finish his teaching in the institute and go back home soon. This meeting is made up of four parts:

First, Mrs. Aksinya Koleva, the foreign director, summarized the work of the Confucius Institute during the 2021-2022 academic year, and expressed her gratitude to the two Chinese teachers who were about to finish their teaching in Confucius Institute and go back home.

After that, 10 Chinese teachers successively summarized their work in Chinese teaching, cultural activities and other aspects for the previous school year. Each teacher shared a successful case of Chinese teaching or cultural activity for everyone to learn and exchange experience with each other.

Following the sharing of the teaching experience, all the staff participated in the voting for “Outstanding Chinese teacher of the Confucius Institute in Sofia for the 2021-2022 academic year”. In the end, three teachers: WANG Ying, WANG Yang and LI Mengxia, were awarded the title.

In the end, the Chinese Director Professor LIU Xiuming made a general conclusion of the overall work of the Confucius Institute in the past year. He thought highly of each faculty member for their excellent job and placed high hopes on the team's good qualities such as the exemplary adherence to laws, excellent moral characters, devotions to work, spirits of hard work, contribution, unity and cooperation, overcoming of difficulties together, concentration on research and bold innovation, learning in a humble way, teaching by precept and example, etc.

This summer, the two Chinese teachers WANG Ying and WANG Yang have finished their work at the Confucius Institute in Sofia and will leave back home in mid-July. On the meeting, everyone expressed their warmest feelings and best wishes to both of them.

 tu er han yu jiao shi zuo xue nian gong zuo zong jie

tu san liu xiu ming yuan zhang zong jie fa yan

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