Confucius Institute in Sofia Welcomes Warmly Mrs. Vienna Cammarota - an Italian Lady Walking Along the Ancient Silk Road to China

"Is it not a delight after all to have a friend coming from afar?"

On the afternoon of July 4, Professor LIU Xiuming, the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute in Sofia, some teachers and working staff kindly entertained а guest from Venice, Italy, who is travelling Marco Polo’s Eastbound Road i.e. the "Ancient Silk Road". This lady, who is 72 years old, is called Mrs. Vienna Cammarota.

Prof. LIU enthusiastically introduced the glorious development and history of the Confucius Institute in Sofia to Mrs. Cammarota. He shared the outstanding achievements of the Confucius Institute in the past 15 years, demonstrated the clean and beautiful teaching environment of the building, and praised the unity of the teachers and the staff. “Everyone here is working hard to fight against the pandemic, ” said Prof. LIU, “the teachers’ enthusiasm for work does not fade away and the students show a positive attitude to overcome the difficulties together.”

Prof. LIU presented the work priorities and goals of the Confucius Institute, pointed out the current difficulties and challenges, and expressed his hope for Confucius Institute's role in spreading Chinese language and culture, including the responsibility, function and contribution of promoting friendship between China and Bulgaria, as well as strengthening mutual trust, love, help and understanding between the Chinese and the Bulgarian people.

Prof. LIU thought highly of Mrs. Cammarota for being a messenger of cultural exchange between China and the West, for her active efforts to strengthen the friendly communication between the two parts of the world, to promote the Chinese civilization, and to enhance China's international image.

He thanked Mrs. Cammarota for her high evaluation of the Confucius Institute in Sofia, and hoped that she would continue to pay attention to the development of the Confucius Institute and to the promotion of friendship between China and Bulgaria.

Mrs. Cammarota posted a photo on her WeChat Moments that day, saying: "I visited the Confucius Institute in Sofia this afternoon and was warmly welcomed by the Chinese Director LIU Xiuming, the teachers and the students. Here again I paid my respects to Confucius whom I deeply admire. Together with the Chinese teachers and students, I had a feeling of going home, and it has also increased my sense of urgency to learn more Chinese as soon as possible.”

Mrs. Vienna Cammarota is a cheerful and communicative person, she loves nature and history, and is full of curiosity about Chinese culture. She is a hiking enthusiast who loves life and advocates for peace through walking. Carrying "The Travels of Marco Polo" in her arms, she set off from Venice, Italy on April 26, 2022, passing through 15 countries including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, etc. Her journey is 22,000 kilometers long and would require a total of 1,460 days. It is estimated that she will arrive at her destination Beijing in 2025. July 4 is the 70th day of her trip to China and the Confucius Institute hopes that Mrs. Cammarota will be safe and happy on the next part of her trip!

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