Confucius Institute in Sofia Held the Book Launch of “The Language of Tai Chi Chuan” by a Bulgarian Author

On the afternoon of May 30, the Confucius Institute in Sofia held a book launch of “The Language of Tai Chi Chuan” by Hristina Teodosiyeva, PhD at the multi-functional hall of the Institute. Liuben Kozarev, Director of Bulgarian East-West Publishing House, Konstantin Teodosiev PhD, Editor-in-Chief of the book, Antonia Tsankova, Associate Professor at the Center for Oriental Languages and Cultures of Sofia University, Aksiniya Koleva and Prof. LIU Xiuming, Directors of the Confucius Institute in Sofia, Petya Shukerska and Antoaneta Velikova, Secretaries at the Institute, Bulgarian Tai Chi fans and more than 50 people from all walks of life attended the event.

In her speech, Mrs. Aksinya Koleva welcomed everyone to the Confucius Institute in Sofia and gave a brief introduction to Tai Chi. She believes that Tai-Chi can help people reduce stress and maintain good health in contemporary society. Liuben Kozarev emphasizes that “The Language of Tai Chi Chuan” is the first book on Tai Chi completed by a Bulgarian author, which is a milestone of great significance. Antonia Tsankova introduces the basic content of the main chapters. She pointes out that the author’s research is very interesting and practical. Konstantin Teodosiyev explained that Tai Chi has been spreading in Bulgaria for more than 30 years. The publication of this book not only provides Bulgarians with explanations of Tai Chi for beginners, does professional practitioners with professional knowledge, guidance and reference, but also does great contributions for the academic research of Tai Chi in Bulgaria.

In 2019, Hristina Teodosieva received her PhD in literary theory from Sofia University and her Master degree in the Chinese translation cooperation project between Sofia University and Beijing Foreign Studies University. She has studied Tai Chi Chuan in China and Bulgaria for many years. She said that learning Chinese helped her to better understand the mysteries and essences of Tai Chi Chuan.

After the event, followed a book sale, of which the atmosphere was nice and neat, and the participants gained some new experience and enrichment.

图一 发布会现场

图三 签售会现场

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