The Confucius Institute in Sofia Visited the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of the Bulgarian Artist Silvi Velev

At 4:30 p.m. on June 9, the Chinese and Bulgarian directors and the secretaries of the Confucius Institute in Sofia visited the 2022 Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition held in Sofia by Mr. Silvi Velev, a famous Bulgarian artist specialized in Chinese calligraphy and painting. In the exhibition, there presented more than 20 personal works of art of Mr. Velev and more than 10 works of his students. The calligraphy and painting exhibition is a representation of the achievements of Mr. Velev’s hard work in the past year, which reflects his attainment and profound comprehension of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Mr. Velev has a high reputation and influence in Bulgaria, who has been committed to the mutual understanding of Bulgarian and Chinese culture, and actively supports the Confucius Institute in Sofia in the popularization of the Chinese culture. The Bulgarian director of the Institute Aksiniya Koleva and the Chinese director Professor LIU Xiuming wrote down their impressions of the calligraphy and painting exhibition to express their congratulations.

Mr. Velev’s calligraphy works are free and unrestrained in writing techniques, sonorous and powerful in forms, inventive and ingenious in expressions, and rich and colorful in morals. They integrate calligraphy and painting into one, reflecting the unity of form and content. They are true masterpieces, which are very “beautiful in appearance, composition and artistic concepts”.

Chinese landscape paintings are an important part and the essence of China’s excellent traditional culture. Through the ingenious use of brush, ink, color, image, spatial relationship and painting techniques, based on a reasonable arrangement of farness and nearness, density and sparsity, reality and illusion, Mr. Velev’s works marvelously show the styles, charms, tones and rhythms as well as the beauty of the artistic concept of Chinese landscape paintings.

Mr. Velev’s Chinese landscape paintings are grand, majestic, fresh and elegant, bringing the viewers with a fantastic feeling that they are travelling in the paintings with beautiful scenery flowing around. All of this gives his works of art a high aesthetic and artistic value.

In addition, Mr. Velev actively teaches Chinese painting and calligraphy to the Bulgarian students, and their works shown at the exhibition are the proof of their good skills and the suitable expressions of the artistic concepts in the Chinese ink paintings and calligraphy.

图一 索非亚孔子学院的中外方院长与伟西先生合影

图二 索非亚孔子学院的工作人员与伟西先生合影

图三 伟西的书法作品

图四 伟西的山水画作品一

图五 伟西的山水画作品二

图六 伟西的山水画作品三

图七 伟西学生的写意画作品一

图八 伟西学生的写意画作品二