The Confucius Institute in Sofia Has Held the HSK and HSKK Chinese Proficiency Tests

On December 3rd, local time, the Confucius Institute in Sofia has administered the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) and the Oral Chinese Proficiency Test (HSKK). A total of 136 applicants have sat for the exam, including 117 HSK levels 1 to 6 applicants and 19 HSKK beginner, intermediate, and advanced level applicants.

The Confucius Institute in Sofia (CIS) has attached great importance on this exam. To ensure the smooth flow of the exam, the Confucius Institute in Sofia have conducted meticulous preparation following the exam requirements by the Chinese Examination International of the Center for Sino-Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation. Before the exam, the Bulgarian director Aksinia Koleva, and her Chinese counterpart Professor Liu Xiuming, organized a dedicated training session on Chinese Proficiency Test management, arranging for the test staff and all the relevant examiners to learn the operating systems of the HSK and HSKK exams, highlighting and refining the precautions for the exam.

On the day of the exam, both the directors and the proctors arrived at the Confucius Institute in advance, and everybody was well prepared according to the requirements and the operating procedures. The directors have distributed the test papers, the answer sheets, the materials for the listening comprehension activities (tapes/CD-ROMs), the rosters of applicants in the examination rooms, the examination room record sheets, and so on, to the proctoring teachers one by one. The proctors have entered the hall of the teaching building in advance to bring the applicants into the examination rooms in an orderly manner. They have carefully checked the information, read out the rules of the examination room, and set up special seats for the hearing-impaired test takers. The applicants have demonstrated a rigorous attitude and have strictly abided by the rules of the examination room thus ensuring the smooth running of the examination.

The HSK and HSKK exams are an important task of the Confucius Institute in Sofia, and most of the teachers are involved in proctoring the exams. In addition to the strict examination procedure, the Confucius Institute has also taken warm care of the proctoring teachers by having prepared delicious lunch and water for them all as well as satisfactory service for the candidates.


Contributed by: The Confucius Institute in Sofia

Contributed by: Huang Shihui

Photo credit: Liu Xiuming

Reviewers: Liu Xiuming, Aksinia Koleva

English translation by: Maya Kostadinova

 tu yi kao wu guan li pei xun hui

Figure 1: The training session on the exam management

tu er HSK er ji kao chang

Figure 2: The HSK Level 2 Examination Center