The Confucius Classroom at the English Language High School in Burgas Affiliated to the Confucius Institute in Sofia Held a Chinese Cultural Experience Activities

On May 11, the Confucius Classroom at “Geo Milev” English Language High School in Burgas Affiliated to the Confucius Institute in Sofia held a Chinese cultural experience event at the Burgas City Hall Square. Мore than 500 local people participated in the event, including Dimitar Nikolov, Mayor of Burgas, Zhaklin Neycheva, Principal of the English Language High School, three vice-principals, etc.

The event had 8 booths, including traditional calligraphy, paper-cutting, shuttlecock game, Taichi fan, as well as an attractive trying-on of traditional Chinese clothing “Hanfu”, chopstick games, and “All About China” quizzes. There was also a display of Chinese books: textbooks, comic books, books about idiom stories, etc. Among these themes, the Hanfu trying-on experience attracted many visitors who wanted to take pictures dresses in these clothes, while the chopsticks game was popular among local children. In addition, teachers from the Confucius Institute in Sofia also performed Taichi kungfu fan and Chinese dances.

This event was the first large-scale Chinese cultural event held by the English Language High School after it was upgraded from a teaching site to a Confucius Classroom. The aim of the event was to “go outside” of the classroom and interact with local people in an immersive way. The cultural event received a live coverage by the local media Burgas News. Burgas is a port in Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast and an important cargo distribution center for China-Bulgaria economic and trade exchanges. As the only Confucius Classroom in Eastern Bulgaria, the Confucius Classroom at “Geo Milev” English Language High School will cultivate more outstanding Chinese talents for the region and upgrade the exemplary and leading role of the Confucius Institute in Sofia.


Confucius Institute in Sofia

Text: Li Yan

Photos: Chen Chan, Emilia Yaneva

Editors: Chen Ying, Aksiniya Koleva, Chen Chen

English translation: Dima Pironkova


tu pian1 jian zhi zhan taiPicture 1 The paper-cutting booth

tu pian2 kuai zi you xiPicture 2 Chopsticks games

tu pian3 han fu ti yanPicture 3 Trying-on of traditional Chinese clothes

tu pian4 shi zheng fu guang chang qian de gong fu shan biao yanPicture 4 Kungfu fan performance in front at the City Hall Square

tu pian5 dang de mei ti dui ci ci huo dong de bao dao jie tuPicture 5 A screenshot of a local media report of the event