The Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp in Burgas Organized by the Confucius Institute in Sofia Started as Scheduled

On July 24th, the Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp jointly organized by the Confucius Institute in Sofia and Sofia University Campus Burgas started as scheduled in the beautiful seaside city of Burgas. This summer camp is the first large-scale Chinese language and culture training event held in Burgas as a result of the cooperation between the directors of the Confucius Institute in Sofia and Sofia University Campus Burgas. The event also received strong support from the Burgas Municipal Government. The summer camp was aimed at students in grades 7 to 12, and a total of 10 students enrolled.

The classes during the summer camp were all day long and lasted for two weeks. The course consisted of language classes, culture classes, special lectures and cultural practice classes. The Confucius Institute in Sofia had selected two Chinese teachers – Mrs. Li Yuanjun and Mr. Fei Libin, who have rich teaching experience and strong bilingual communication and cross-cultural communication skills to conduct teaching and practical guidance. The two teachers are proficient in Chinese calligraphy, taichi, tea art, etc. On the first day of the camp, the students were attracted by the extensive and profound Chinese language and culture. Together with the two teachers, they greeted each other in Chinese, counted in Chinese, played games with the Chinese shuttlecock jianzi, and soon integrated into the big family of Chinese learners.

This summer camp built a bridge of friendship between the people of China and Bulgaria for language and cultural exchanges, and provided a platform for local people to understand China. This activity has played a positive role in further promoting Chinese language and culture, strengthening friendship and exchange between China and Bulgaria, increasing the influence of the Confucius Institute in the local area, and stimulating the development of Chinese language teaching.


Confucius Institute in Sofia

Text: Li Yuanjun

Photos: Li Yuanjun, Fei Libin

Editors: Liu Xiuming, Aksiniya Koleva, Liu Tianchao

English translation: Dima Pironkova



1Photo 1 The poster for the Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp

2Photo 2 The opening day of the camp

3Photo 3 Mrs. Li Yuanjun is teaching

4Photo 4 Mr. Fei Libin is teaching

5Photo 5 Students are playing with the Chinese shuttlecock jianzi