The Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp in Burgas Organized by the Confucius Institute in Sofia Concluded Successfully

The two-week Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp which started on July 24th and was jointly organized by the Confucius Institute in Sofia and Sofia University Campus Burgas, ended successfully on August 5th. The closing ceremony of the summer camp was held at Sofia University Campus Burgas. The teachers of the Confucius Institute in Sofia, the person in charge of Sofia University Campus Burgas and all the students attended the ceremony. The students received a certificate of completion jointly issued by the Confucius Institute in Sofia and Sofia University Campus Burgas.
The two directors of the Confucius Institute attached great importance to this activity before, during and at the closing ceremony of the summer camp. In addition to providing all supplies for the Chinese cultural activities, they also followed up the courses in real time throughout the summer camp and cared about the lives of the teachers while in Burgas. The directors expressed warm congratulations on the success of the summer camp, as well as their heartfelt thanks and sincere gratitude to Sofia University Campus Burgas for their strong support, and highly appreciated the active participation and hard work of the students.

At the closing ceremony the students showed what they had learned during the camp. The students read aloud Li Bai's poem "To Wang Lun", and displayed their calligraphy, paintings, Chinese knots and other works. Through the learning process, everyone comprehended the profoundness of Chinese language, the richness and variety of Chinese culture, the vastness and abundance of thecountry, the friendliness and enthusiasm of the people, the rapid development of science and technology and the bright future ahead of China.

This year's summer camp is the first-time cooperation between the Confucius Institute in Sofia and Sofia University Burgas Campus with great assistance from the Burgas Municipal Government. It has received great attention from relevant institutions and has aroused enthusiastic social response. The event was carefully planned and rich in content. It not only offered Chinese language courses for the students, but also gave students the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural practice experience activities such as songs, calligraphy, tea art, Chinese knots, paper cutting, “Five in a Row”, Tai Chi, and introduction to Chinese film and television. This event not only attracted students from the Burgas area, but students from the surrounding areas such as Nessebar and Sozopol also participated actively. Even some Bulgarian students living abroad also heard about the camp and took part before going back to their second home. During the summer camp, the teachers worked hard, and the students overcame the scorching heat, persevered, studied diligently, practiced actively, and successfully completed the planned courses.

This summer camp enabled students to have a more vivid and intuitive understanding of Chinese language and culture from multiple angles and levels. Their active interest in exploring Chinese language and culture did not end with the end of the summer camp. The two-week Chinese language and culture course has broadened the channels for in-depth cultural exchange and cooperation between Chinese and Bulgarian academic circles, and has been highly praised by students, parents and the society. Thus it is no surprise that everyone is looking forward to meeting again in Burgas next year!


Confucius Institute in Sofia

Text: Li Yuanjun

Photos: Li Yuanjun, Fei Libin

Editors: Liu Xiuming, Aksiniya Koleva, Liu Tianchao

English translation: Dima Pironkova


1Photo 1 A group photo after the graduation ceremony

2Photo 2 Giving certificates to the students

3Photo 3 Students are learning how to play the game “Five in a Row”

4Photo 4 Students are drawing

5Photo 5 A student is making a Chinese knot