Confucius Institute in Sofia Held Its 2022-2023 Annual Work Summary Meeting

At 10 am on July 5th, Aksiniya Koleva, the Bulgarian director of the Confucius Institute in Sofia, and Professor Liu Xiuming, the Chinese director, led all the teachers and staff to hold the 2022-2023 online Annual Work Summary Meeting of the Confucius Institute. This meeting is the report meeting for the teaching and work of Chinese teachers and volunteers at the Institute which is held before they leave office. A total of 21 people attended the meeting, including the Chinese and Bulgarian directors, the secretaries, the government-sponsored Chinese teachers and the Chinese volunteer teachers.
The meeting consisted of three parts: 1. The Chinese and Bulgarian directors delivered a speech and summarized the work of the Confucius Institute for the past year; 2. The teachers and volunteers shared their work summary and teaching experience; 3. Outstanding Chinese teachers and outstanding Chinese volunteer teachers were chosen.

First of all, the Chinese and Bulgarian directors summarized the work of the Confucius Institute in Sofia during the past academic year from different angles, reported the achievements, analyzed the shortcomings, and expressed their hope for a bright future. In their speeches, the two directors expressed their full affirmation and heartfelt gratitude to the teachers and volunteers for their hard work. Professor Liu concluded in his speech, " is your friendliness and kindness that established a good external image of the Confucius Institute and left a positive impression of China on Bulgarian people; it is your hard work and dedication that spread the spirit and style of the Confucius Institute in Sofia and let the people of Bulgaria have an in-depth understanding of the Institute and make it famous all over the world; it is your professionalism that has attracted generations of young Bulgarian students and provided them with inexhaustible motivation for continuous learning; it is your continuous improvement that has raised the teaching and scientific research level of the Confucius Institute, and brought the Chinese language teaching and cultural promotion of the Institute to a higher level; it is your personality charm that has influenced more and more local people who understand Chinese and inspired them to devote themselves to Chinese teaching and cultural promotion; it is your concerted efforts that have strengthened the link between the
headquarters of the Confucius Institute in Sofia and the Confucius Classrooms and teaching sites around Bulgaria, and promoted the in-depth development of the Chinese Language Teaching Association.”

After the directors’ speeches, the government-sponsored Chinese teachers and volunteer teachers presented their year-end work summary and experience sharing one by one. All the summaries can be summed up as follows: to maintain good moral character, to be strict about self-discipline, to actively safeguard the national, collective and personal image; to not forget the original intention, to keep in mind one’s mission, and to conscientiously fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of Chinese language teachers; to explore boldly, to be brave in innovation, and to constantly improve one’s overall quality and teaching ability; to fulfill assignments, to work hard, and to complete various teaching and cultural promotion tasks successfully. Through the work summary and experience sharing, the teachers exchanged ideas, expanded their knowledge, deepened their friendship, established development goals, and made full preparation for accomplishing their work in a better way in the future.

Finally, according to the selection regulations of the Confucius Institute in Sofia for outstanding Chinese teachers and outstanding Chinese volunteer teacher, all participants voted anonymously to select the outstanding Chinese teachers and the outstanding Chinese volunteer of the Institute this year. The outstanding Chinese teachers are Fei Libin, Li Mengxia, Liu Tianchao and Pan Xixi, and the outstanding volunteer teacher is Li Chenxi. The Institute issued honorary certificates and prepared souvenirs for the outstanding teachers and volunteers.

This summer, the Confucius Institute in Sofia will have three government-sponsored Chinese teachers and four Chinese volunteer teachers who have successfully completed their work and will return to China. At the meeting, everyone expressed their reluctance to the teachers and volunteers’ leaving, and sent best wishes to them, wishing them a bright future, all the best and every success!

Confucius Institute in Sofia

Text: Li Yan
Photos: Li Yan
Editors: Liu Xiuming, Aksiniya Koleva, Liu Tianchao
English translation: Dima Pironkova

1Photo 1 Aksiniya Koleva, Bulgarian director of the Confucius Institute in Sofia, gave a speech

2Photo 2 Liu Xiuming, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute in Sofia, gave a speech

3Photo 3 Fei Libin, Chinese language teacher at the Confucius Institute in Sofia, summarized his work and teaching experience

4Photo 4 A certificate for outstanding teacher

5Photo 5 A certificate for outstanding volunteer teacher

6Photo 6 A screenshot of the Confucius Institute in Sofia’s Annual Work Summary Meeting