Confucius Classroom at 138th Middle School in Sofia Held Chinese Paper-Cutting Culture Experience Activity

On October 14, Li Mengxia, a Chinese language teacher at the Confucius Institute in Sofia, held a traditional Chinese paper-cutting culture experience activity at the Confucius Classroom at 138th Middle School in Sofia. All eighth grade students who study Chinese language participated in the event. This paper cutting activity was the first Chinese culture experience activity for the eighth-grade students. They were full of curiosity and interest in Chinese paper-cutting culture, and they were highly motivated and engaged.

This paper-cutting culture experience activity consisted of two parts: the first part was an introduction to the Chinese paper-cutting culture made by the Chinese language teacher Ms Li Mengxia. She introduced the meaning, historical development, types, tools and art appreciation of paper cutting to the students. The second part was practicing paper cutting. Ms Li led the students step by step to cut a template, prepare the red paper, fold it, and then start cutting the paper. The students were very interested in professional paper-cutting tools such as knives, tweezers and hole punches, and they enthusiastically tried using them.

The theme of this activity was the traditional Chinese zodiac. Students could choose their own or their favorite zodiac signs to try the paper-cutting techniques, experience cultural connotations, express good wishes, and romantic feelings. Before the end of the activity, the students showed their works and felt a sense of achievement.

 tu er xue sheng chang shi da kong qi

tu san xue sheng zhan shi jian zhi cheng guo

tu yi xue sheng men zhuan xin jian zhi