Confucius Institute Week - 2021

From 22 to 26 November 2021, Confucius Institute - Sofia held the annual Confucius Institute Week with five open lectures on Chinese culture. The topics of the lectures were "Chinese Calligraphy" with lecturer Silvi Velev, "Innovation and High-tech Development of the PRC" with lecturer prof. Nako Stefanov, "Chinese Traditional Musical Instruments and Chinese Opera" with lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Miglena Tsenova-Nusheva, "Chinese Tea Culture" with lecturer Boyka Mihailova, and "Chinese Acupuncture" with lecturer Dr. Ning Jianfeng. The event was attended by nearly 100 listeners.

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The recordings of all lectures are available in the You Tube channel of Confucius Institute in Sofia:



  • November22 (Monday): „Chinese Calligraphy – Not Just Beautiful Writing“ – Silvi Velev, beginning at 15.30 h.
  • November23 (Tuesday):“PRC on the Path of Innovation and High-tech Development” – prof. Nako Stefanov, beginning at 15.30 h.
  • 24 November(Wednesday): “ChineseTraditional Musical Instruments and Their Place in Chinese Traditional Opera” – Assoc. prof. Dr. Miglena Tsenova-Nusheva, beginning at 15.30 h.
  • 25 November (Thursday): “Introduction to Chinese Tea Culture” – Boyka Mihailova, beginning at 15.30 h.
  • 26 November (Friday): “Chinese Acupuncture and Health” – Dr. Ning Jianfeng, beginning at 16.00 h.

All attendants will have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers.