Confucius Institute in Sofia organised "Reading China, Understanding China” – Seminar Devoted to Publishing Cooperation between China and Bulgaria

On 9 December, with the support of the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria, the Confucius Institute in Sofia and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (China) held the seminar "Reading China, Understanding China" devoted to the cooperation between China and Bulgaria in the publishing field. The event took place in the big hall of the Confucius Institute and included the launch of several books. More than 60 people attended the event, including Yan Jianqun, Minister Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria, Aksiniya Koleva, Bulgarian director of the Confucius Institute, Liu Xiuming, Chinese director, teachers and students from the Institute, as well as Bulgarians fond of Chinese language.

As host, Mrs. Koleva first expressed her welcome and gratitude to everyone for their participation. After that, Mr. Yan Jianqun delivered a speech, saying that the bilateral relations between China and Bulgaria have continued to develop in a friendly and sustainable manner. Wang Fang, secretary and chairman of the Party Committee as well as President of FLTRP, delivered a video speech, introducing the first Bulgarian China-themed editorial department at FLTRP.

Assoc. Prof. Antonia Tsankova, editor of the Bulgarian edition of “Discover China” teaching materials (level 4) and reviewer of the Bulgarian translation of "The Book of Songs" together with Evelina Hein Ph.D., introduced the two books published by “East-West” Publishing House. Publishing House “The Sun” presented the Bulgarian translation of the book "The Spirit of Confucianism and the Chinese Dream". Professor Chen Ying, head of Bulgarian Studies at BFSU and translator of the book "How the Communist Party of China Changed China" in Bulgarian, presented the new book which is about to be released by “East-West” Publishing House in 2023. Lastly, “Bestseller” Publishing House presented the books “The Road to China's Economic Reform and Development" and "About Women" which will be released next year as well.

The seminar "Reading China, Understanding China" focusing on the cooperation between China and Bulgaria in the publishing industry has enhanced the understanding of Chinese language and culture lovers in Bulgaria about China and its books on traditional culture, and has promoted Chinese-Bulgarian cooperation in publishing and cultural exchange.


Confucius Institute in Sofia

Text: Yang Jiali

Photos: Yang Jiali, Petya Shukerska

Editors: Liu Xiuming, Liu Tianchao

  1Photo 1 The Bulgarian director hosted the seminar

2 Photo 2 Yan Jianqun delivered a speech

3Photo 3 Wang Fang delivered a speech

4Photo 4 Antonia Tsankova and Evelina Hein presented the Bulgarian edition of “Discover China” teaching materials

5Photo 5 Group photo of guests and participants in the seminar