Confucius Classroom at Plovdiv University among Winners at First Edition of "Travelling + Chinese Programme: The 3-minute Tour Guide – Let Me Show You My Hometown"

The first edition of the video clip competition " Travelling + Chinese Programme: The 3-minute Tour Guide – Let Me Show You My Hometown ", organised by the Centre for Language Education and Cooperation and the digital cloud service platform “ChinesePlus”, came to an end today. Ms. Dimka Lazarova, a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Bulgarian and Chinese languages at Plovdiv University, won the "Excellent Video Production Award" for her work "My Beautiful Hometown", and Ms. Wang Ying, teaching at the Confucius Classroom, won the “Honorable Mention for Instructors".

The competition has received widespread attention and positive response from Chinese learners around the world. A total of nearly 300 video clips from 50 countries have been collected. Dimka’s video clip showed the beautiful scenery and local products of her hometown Kotel. In the video, Dimka introduced Kotel as the birthplace of education in Bulgaria, the site of the first school, the first educator, the first science textbook etc. She hopes that by participating in this event, more people will know about Bulgaria, better understand the country, and contribute to the recovery and prosperity of Bulgaria's tourism industry.

The Confucius Classroom at Plovdiv University has made full use of its geographical advantages, developed the role of Chinese teachers’ tour guide qualifications and relevant knowledge, and stimulated the development and exploration of the “Chinese + Tourism” teaching model. The award in this event greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the students in learning Chinese and clarified the goals and directions of reforms needed in overall Chinese teaching.

Confucius Institute in Sofia
Text: Wang Ying
Photos: Wang Ying
Editors: Liu Xiuming, Aksiniya Koleva, Liu Tianchao
English translation: Dima Pironkova



Photo 1: Certificate (1)


Photo 2: Certificate (2)


Photo 3: A video clip screenshot