Announcement on Opening Additional Test Sessions of HSK Home Network for Overseas Students on June 28

Instructions for obtaining a Certificate for the online exams HSK and HSKK

Affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, China and some overseas countries canceled or delayed the HSK and HSKK exams from February to May. In order to meet the HSK candidates from all countries, apply for the 2020 International Chinese Teacher Scholarship (Confucius Institute Scholarship) and the annual assessment of academic students, as well as the urgent needs of studying abroad, graduation, job search, etc., Hankao International launched the home online exam in April. It not only reduces the health risks that the candidates may bring, but also provides convenience for candidates to take exams in time to obtain scholarships, study abroad on schedule, graduation, job search and other exam needs, and obtains unanimous praise and praise from candidates.

Considering that the epidemic is not over yet, in order to meet the needs of the examination, after studying, Hankao International decided to open an additional HSK home network examination overseas on June 28th. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1 Registration requirements:

Candidates must contact the neighboring test center of the country or region to complete the registration work before June 18th. Before registration, be sure to confirm the registration requirements:

1. Confirm that the equipment and test environment meet the requirements
Before registering for the exam, please check whether the computer, software configuration and network meet the exam requirements.

① Computer: Windows (7/8/10) operating system, it is recommended to set the screen resolution above 1440*900 (minimum setting above 1366*768).
② Network: Download the Chinese network test client to test the network speed. The network speed needs to reach 150KB/s or above. Please do not register if the network speed cannot be met. The download address of the client is as follows:

After downloading, unzip and run ExamClient.exe

③ Camera: the room is well lit and the camera is clear;

1. An independent high-definition camera (more than 300,000 pixels) must be provided or prepared on the test computer.

2. Mobile phone with camera to download the software specified by the local test center.

④ Enter the designated meeting room 1 hour before the test starts, and place the mobile phone at the back left or right 1 meter, so that the examiner can see the computer screen and the candidate himself;

(1) The teacher in charge examines each candidate’s test environment and the certificate used for registration through the designated software 360 ​​degrees.

(2) Candidates need to connect their mobile phones to the WIFI network and turn on „airplane mode“.

(3) The camera phone must have sufficient power to ensure that it does not shut down during the entire exam.

⑤Headphone: clear sound and good sound insulation;

⑥Examination environment: The examination should be conducted independently in a safe, closed and non-interfering room, and it is prohibited to take it in open places such as parks, Internet cafes, restaurants, etc. Examination supplies such as computers and keyboards must be placed on the desktop. No one else is allowed to enter or leave the room during the examination. There must be no prohibited items in the examination room. Once the test record is violated, the test score will be invalid.


1) There is no need to use manuscript paper notes for the home network exam. During the exam, paper, electronic equipment and other items are prohibited from copying and recording test questions;

2) In order to ensure the safety of the test operation, Hankao International or a third-party Chinese test center may need to collect test-related information from you, including: name, photo, certificate information, and monitoring audio and video records during the test. We will only collect and use these types of personal information to the extent permitted by law and when needed for Hankao’s legitimate international business purposes (such as maintaining exam security).

2 Registration and payment

Log in to the Chinese test service website to select the country where you open the test center registration for home test.

Exam Date: 2020 年 6 月 28 /28.06.2020/ (Beijing time)

Registration deadline: 2020 年 6 月 18 /18.06.2020/ (Beijing time)

3 Admission ticket and score

The test admission ticket is issued to the candidates 5 days before the test. The HSK test can be logged in to the Chinese test service network 10 days after the end of the test, and you can apply for the report by yourself through the „extra score report“.

4 Exam format

This test will be conducted through the home-based online test method. All test centers are requested to attach great importance to this test. If you have any questions, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.