A Series of Public Lectures “You and I Talk About China”

Confucius Institute in Sofia invites you to a series of open lectures by guest speakers from Beijing Foreign Languages University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
All lectures will be delivered in English!






The Education in China: Traditions and Reforms

Lecturer: Mr. Zhai Zheng

16.11.2016, 18:30 h

The topic of Chinese education is key for the in-depth knowledge of  China and the Chinese culture. Associate Professor Zhai Zheng will introduce the development of Chinese education from imperial times to nowadays, starting from the philosophy of Confucius, passing through the examination system for civil servants, which has been adopted for more than 1200 years and ending with the invasion of the Western influence in the late 19th century and its effect upon the traditional Chinese society. Throughout the lecture we shall also find out more about the traditions and the changes in the Chinese education, and what distinguishes the Chinese students from all others.


Patterns of Thought in Chinese and Western Cultures

Lecturer: Ms Yi Rui

17.11.2016, 15:00 h

The first part of the lecture discusses the main differences in the patterns of thought in Chinese and Western cultures, namely the Chinese holistic mindset against the Western analytical mindset. The difference is illustrated by the philosophical allegories of Zhuangzi and Plato.
The second part of the lecture explores the liberal spirit in the Chinese classic “Dream of the red chamber” through the prism of the Chinese cultural tradition, compared with the intellectual background of the West.



Features of Chinese Traditional Medicine

Lecturer: Mr. Yang Bi`an

17.11.2016, 18:30 h

The lecture will be presented in the following four parts:
1. History of traditional Chinese medicine

2. Differences between the Chinese and the Western medicine

3. Advantages of treatment with traditional Chinese medicine

4. Examples of clinical cases

The audience will have the opportunity to learn methods for maintaining good health every day and also to understand the situations in which traditional Chinese medicine is most applicable.


All lectures will be held at the building of the Confucius Institute in Sofia at the following address:

No. 82 Al. Stamboliiski Bul.

We are expecting you!