Affiliated Schools
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China Radio International

The Bulgarian division at China Radio International:

China Radio International (CRI) was founded on 3 December 1941 and it is the only international radio in China that broadcasts its programs worldwide. At the beginning, CRI broadcasted only a short 15-minutes program in Japanese language, but today its programs are broadcasted in 38 languages and 4 Chinese dialects all over the world, including news, current affairs and features on politics, economy, culture, science and technology.

CRI has also established over 27 overseas correspondent bureaus and sends its reporters to all Chinese provinces, cities and autonomous regions, as well as to the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau. Every year the radio receives over 900,000 letters from its listeners in different countries. The listeners call CRI “a bridge for exchange between China and the rest of the world” and “the most efficient way to learn about China”. In 1998 the website of CRI was officially launched, spreading news and information in Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Korean, French, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Bulgarian, Romanian, Vietnamese, Italian and other languages.

The Bulgarian Go Association

The Bulgarian Go Association’s main activity is promotion and development of the game of Go and other logic games. The objectives of the Bulgarian Go Association are: distribution of the game of Go and other logic games, as well as enhancing the intellectual culture of the population (especially among children, students and young people).

Kung Fu Center “Xuangui”

Kung Fu Center “Xuangui” is successor of the traditions in the practice of Chinese martial arts in Bulgaria. The center is active environment for exchange of experience, for creative and fruitful meetings and discussions and also for cooperation between different styles, schools and practices.

“Kalagiya” Center

“Kalagiya” Center was created in 1989. It develops and promotes sports and traditional Wushu and Taiji for people of all ages – from 4 to over 65 years. The studying of the Chinese language, culture and pantomime is a form of self-improvement and part of the overall training process. The Center also organizes and participates in national and international events, forums, competitions, seminars, shows, competitions and other activities in such areas as sports, healthy lifestyle, culture and education.

School of Chinese Calligraphy