Rules of Service of the Library of the Confucius Institute in Sofia

I. General terms:
1. The library is accessible to the public and provides to its readers library documents, universal in nature.
2. Every citizen has the right to use the library services by registering as its reader.
II. Reader registration:
3. Requirements:
The reader should present a valid ID card when registering with the CIS Library. A library card should be issued to the reader in order to use the library services.
4. Library card
The library card is personal and not transferable. Two types of library cards are issued – free and paid ones.
4.1. Types of free library cards:
– Honorary cards – issued to individuals who have contributed to the development of Bulgarian-Chinese relations.
– Ordinary cards – issued to individuals, who have enrolled in the courses of Chinese language and culture of Confucius Institute – Sofia, and are valid for the duration of the attended course.
4.2. Types of paid library cards:
– Ordinary cards – issued for a period of 12 months from the date of registration, by payment of a fee of 24 leva. In case of loss of the library card, a new one is issued and the reader pays a fee of 1 lev.
– Library cards at reduced prices – issued to students from the Sofia University for a period of 12 months from the date of registration, upon presentation of a relevant document. Price – 12 leva.
The library cards are issued within 3 working days. The library cards are only valid for a cetrain period.
5. When changing the data in the ID card, the reader is obliged to inform the library.
III. Rights of library readers:
6. Any reader who has a library card, has the right:
/1/ To use the library materials on site.
/2/ To use the computers in the reading room.
IV. Obligations of library readers:
7. According to these Library Rules of Service and the Ordinance for Preservation of Library Funds, the readers have the following obligations:
/ 1 / To comply with the Library Rules of Service.
/ 2 / To preserve the order and location of the library documents in the reading-room.
/ 3 / To use the library documents carefully, to keep them clean and not to damage them by highlighting the text, writing notes on it, ripping pages and illustrations, etc.
/ 4 / To use the computers in the reading room with a caring attitude, not to change the settings and to protect them from harmful programs.
/ 5 / To use computers only for educational purposes – to study the Chinese language and culture.
/ 6 / To attend the reading room in clean and pleasant appearance by observing the hygiene norms and rules of good behavior.
8. When using the library, the readers must provide their library cards and hang up their jackets or coats on the coat rack, together with any luggage (including handbags).
9. When a reader damages library materials, he/she must replace them with identical bibliographic specimens or to pay a compensation amounting to five times the value of the document at market prices.
10. Theft of library documents is subject to criminal liability under the existing legal framework.
11. Readers who fail to comply with the Library Rules of Service, shall be deprived of the right to use it for a certain period of time or permanently at the discretion of the CIS management.